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About Us

Juhler Professionals is a member of JuhlerGroup, an international group of recruitment companies established in 1979 in Denmark with offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and UK. We aim to design unique solutions to help our clients and candidates find the right match - both local and international.

We provide proven and practical employment solutions with a fresh perspective delivering quality and reliable service with passion and professionalism.

Vetting and hiring the best talent(s) for your organization is a responsibility we take seriously. We acknowledge that your business is unique and requires a customized employment solution, thus, strongly considers the culture of our clients’ organizations, ensuring that the chemistry is right between the company and the new employee. We take understanding on your organizational goal, structure, management style and values to deliver Solid and Reliable Talent Referrals that matches your organization’s Vision and Mission.

Delivering a world-class service whether you are big multinational or a small business looking for great foreign or local talent is our trademark.

We specialise in roles across industries within the following disciplines:
  • Information Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

  • Accounting & Auditing

  • Banking & Finance

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Human Resources

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Secretarial & Administration

Candidate Testimonials

“ Just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for Lea's outstanding work as a recruiter. "Exceptional" will  probably be an understatement; she is the BEST in the search industry against all the recruiters I work with over last 2 decades. She understands the unique CFO job requirements for this particular company, and was able to pique my interest so deeply in the role, that I gave my very best at every interview stage.

She was there for me at every step of the interview process - providing constant encouragements (even after working hours and on weekends) and timely feedback from her client. Her efforts are deeply appreciated. Every text from her puts a smile on my face."

— Mr. D. N, CFO, Japanese Tech Company

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